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Hebi 2 getting released?

2008-03-08 17:35:09 by rrx88

Well, it seems like I've come to a problem with Hebi 2.
Though I believe that it will be the best game I've ever done, the sponsors seems to not agree. I've contacted a few sponsors a week ago but still haven't recieved any answeres. So it seems like the sequel to Hebi is in jepoardy. And therefor I'd be very glad for any tips of sponsors from you! And let's hope for the best!


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2008-10-05 06:57:28

are you the guy who made ragdoll catch a few years ago? if you are it sucked, try to make ragdoll catch more ragdolly if u know wat i mean


2009-10-04 01:18:54

Hebi 3...?


2009-11-01 19:55:09

Well if Hebi 2 is in jepoardy and it was released a year ago, then Hebi 3 really must be FCUKED!!! lol seriously though are you still active or is there no chance for a third?