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Entry #10

Double the fun, do two threequels!

2010-06-06 09:07:34 by rrx88

Hi there everyone. It's been some time since my latest activity on NG. That being because of several reasons. Time, job and a hellish flash market. I have one completed game that I haven't released yet, and to be honest, I don't really know if it ever will. I don't like it that much, and the sponsors seems to agree. And therefor, I'm currently developing two new game. And both of them are threequels.

The first one is actually a pretty big leap from it's originals. You might have heard of or played one of the prequels which are called RetroMania and RetroMania 1985. This time the game takes place in space. It's a war/trade game where you can either wage war against a whole race, or be nice to them and trade them for resources. But this is only a small part of the wholeness of the threequel of RetroMania. There are plans of having your own empire from which you can summon armies of ships for yourself and an upgrade-system where you can increase shields, weapons, speed etc, through the mixing of minerals and such which you'll gather from all the planets you visit. Just so you know, I have great plans for this game. So don't miss it when it gets out on our beloved NG!

The other one is a game I've only just begun with and don't have many plans at all for at the moment. But It's a threequel to game you also might have heard/played before. They got some attention because of their innovative control-style. The games are of course Hebi and Hebi 2.
The only thing I've decided for this game is that it will probably not use powerups. But what the substitute will be is still a mystery even for me. Keep reading my news and you'll know before most others!

That'll be all for this time.
Until the next, stay awesome!

/Rekcah (now also called NightGod)


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2010-06-06 09:14:01

Good luck on the game.
Will there be character select?

rrx88 responds:

Tnx :)
How do you mean and on which game?


2010-06-06 12:55:16

So we can "either wage war against a whole race, or be nice to them and trade them for resources"

Kill the race, or trade them as slaves. Wooo!